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Carplastix specializes in renovation of sticky plastics from car interiors of Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini brands. We are able to renovate abraded rubberized plastics from Porsche interiors. We repair and adjust symbols of illuminated car buttons of all brands.

Order renovation of surface parts on-line.

Order renovation of surface of one or more parts of your car right here on our internet website.
Just enter into our ON-LINE ORDER and choose your car brand, consequently your car model model and add renovation of the particular surface part on to the on-line order.
In case you do not find your model or part of your car in our price list offer, you can put in unlimited quantity of your own models/parts together with your image!

Excellent and detailed processed work, quick deal.

We possess years of experience with interior renovations of exclusive luxurious cars and supersports.
We are well aware of the fact that quality and details are always in the first place.
The main feature of our work is the highest quality and speed.Our advantage is the resultt of the process of renovation and saving your finances as well.

With Carplastix always guaranty of 100% satisfaction!

If for any reason you should not be contented with the result of our work,
please contact us, and we shall renovate your parts to your full satisfaction at our own expenses.

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Before After
HVAC control unit
FERRARI California
HVAC control unit
FERRARI 550 Maranello
HVAC Panel
FERRARI 360 Modena
Mirror Switch/Buttons Trim
Window Switches
FERRARI F430/360
Door Pull Bracket
FERRARI 550 Maranello
Upper Panel For Tunnel
FERRARI F430/360
Door Handle
FERRARI 550 Maranello
Mirror Triangles


We have got frequent experience with interior renovations of luxurious and extraordinary cars and supersports.
We are aware of the quality and glamorous detail being always in the first place.

Highest quality of the processed work
We treat the parts extremely carefully. We only use the best quality materials and work with the newest technologies. We pay close attention to the quality of the graphics so that appearance of all pictograms is identical to the original design. The pictograms are transferred from the graphic design upon the part by the same laser technice as during primary production.
The surface of the parts has got perfect satin look. The colour version always matches the original.
Lifetime warranty
The surface will never become sticky. Instead of using problematic soft touch lacquer we use resistant thin-film lacquers, which shall never soften and will not stick as original parts. We guarantee that.
High savings in finances
Savings in finance up to 90% compared to the purchase of new parts, which will begin to stick again after some time.
Speed of work done
We understand you are not willing to wait long. Therefore we are committed in refurbishing parts from your vehicle taking up to a maximum period of 7 days.
Do not hesitate to contact us for speeding up the process. We try to meet your requirements.
100% guaranty of satisfaction
If for any reason you should not be contented with the result of our work, please contact us, and we will renovate your parts to your full contentment at our own expenses.

I would highly recommend Robert, work is first class as good as new, communication is good and quick turn around

19/01/2019 04:38:36Jason, (Belfast), Ferrari , Charles Hurst Ferrari


Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any inquiry .

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